Christmases, like families comes in all shapes and sizes, each year different requirements are needed and researched. The key ingredient is narrowing down what you are looking for and what you actually need; at this time of year, middle of December, it also comes down to what is available.  Sometimes budget outweighs the mansion-type property and sometimes the property outweighs the budget concerns as it is just the perfect house for you, how you had imagined this Christmas to be, surrounded by loved ones.

Airready has a number of charming cottages and palatial houses still available for Christmas 2019 and to see the New Year in, in great style.

Fancy a five-bedroom, glorious town house in Bath?  It is spacious, beautifully designed and decorated, sleeps ten and would be a very comfortable yet a cosy environment for a magical family Christmas.


If, on the other hand you just need extra space to accommodate family or friends who are going to enjoy Christmas with you but you do not have enough beds to fit everyone in – then we would recommend an idyllic country cottage just outside of Bath with three bedrooms and sleeps five people.


We also have a fabulous arrangement of three cottages each with two bedrooms, sleeping a total of fifteen people.  They are roughly twenty yards apart from each other and enjoy beautiful views across the Somerset countryside.  One of the cottages has a larger sitting / dining area so this would be the perfect cottage to celebrate Christmas day together.   This type of set-up is ideal for families with infants, everyone has their own accommodation with enough space to all gather when desired.