Airready is so proud to be a finalist in the Bath Property Awards 2019, in the category of ‘Supplier & Services’.  To be acknowledged proves that we must be doing something right!  In the hospitality industry it is a challenge to stand out, so from the beginning we decided to put our emphasis on service to our property owners and a luxury guest experience.

By managing all the gust communications, bookings, reviews, fabulous linen, sumptuous towels, high quality welcome wine and much more we are very keen to learn from our clients exactly how they like the details of their homes to be let-out to guests.

This desire, to offer an exceptional owner bespoke service and guest experience, relies completely on us reliably taking care of the specifics, no matter how many.  If a guest has an exceptional experience staying in one of our properties, they will provide outstanding reviews, with outstanding reviews more guests will follow and owners will be happy and will talk about us to their friends who also might be thinking about letting their property just during the holidays or all year round.

Bath is a busy city with many business’s in competition to provide a product or service that locals and visitors will want.  This potential award signifies that we are moving in the right direction of providing an exceptional service that people are seeking.

Onwards to November 15th when the awards ceremony will be held.

Finger crossed for us please!