Frequently asked questions

Do I have to pay tax on my Airbnb earnings?

Yes you do but the first £1000 is tax free. You will need to declare earnings via self-assessment.

How do you know guests will look after my home?

This is a question everyone asks – and rightly so. We reference check and filter guests and give you the option of turning anyone down.

Does my home insurance allow me to rent out my house?
Sometimes yes. We have a reliable insurance broker we put Airready customers in touch with. This way you can get good objective advice to ensure your home is comprehensively insured.
What if guests damage my property?

We make sure a security deposit is taken for every booking. This means that small breakages such as glasses can be easily replaced at the guest’s cost.

In addition every host listed on Airbnb is eligible for £600,000 Host Guarantee at no additional costs.

What if one of the guests has an accident in my home?

Every host listed on Airbnb has £600,000 personal liability cover so should a guest be unfortunate enough to slip and hurt themselves, you are well covered.


Can you help me manage my own listing?

Yes, of course we can! We can help you as much or as little as you like. Check out our standalone services for all the help we can offer.

I feel a bit weird having someone sleep in my bed

We understand. We advise that mattress toppers are used on all the beds and removed when guests leave – this way guests are only sleeping on top of the bed rather than on your mattress. We can advise where to get cheap but good quality mattress toppers.

I have young children and the duvet covers aren’t as pristine after cleaning as they could be. Does this matter?

Not to worry – we all know how difficult it is to keep bedlinen ‘shop’ clean. Guests do expect pristine linen and if you feel yours isn’t up to scratch we can provide you with our own beautiful 300 thread bed linen and towels.